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Colin Egglesfield
Actor and Entrepreneur

“With my years of experience in the entertainment industry, I’m excited to be contributing my support and resources to such an exciting new venture with my good friends Anthony and Joshua!

As the current host of several of my own projects including “Cooking with Colin,” I’m looking forward to incorporating my love for food into something that has the opportunity to inspire and bring together millions of people for the sole purpose of sharing our love and appreciation for food and entertaining. Of all the projects I’m involved with, I’m most excited about this one as I truly feel this has the potential to change the way people view and experience food on a whole new level.

With the power and influence that FoodieFans incapsulates, not only will we now have access to the finest dining experiences and foods on the planet, this will provide the opportunity for new ‘Foodie’ influencers emerge on a dedicated platform without distractions from anything other than food. I think the best part of FoodieFans, however, is the opportunity for us all to experience someone’s generational family recipe that has shaped their culture and palettes from distant places we wouldn’t even know exists. The world revolves around food and community and FoodieFans stands at the precipice of bringing so many people together to bond over a universal love for their favorite dishes… all in the palm of your hand. Bon Appetite!”

Interviews of Celebrity & Renowned Chefs

Foodiefans.TV is hosted by Actor and Entrepreneur, Colin Egglesfield. Tune in to watch Colin as interviews with top-rated celebrity and renowned chefs all over the world. Come hungry! 

Celebrity Chefs

Watch exclusive 5-10 minute interviews with famous chefs who talk about their favorite dishes and secrets to success in the kitchen.

Renowned Chefs

Colin dives deep with up and coming and renowned chefs all over the country — hungry? Pick up your forks and start eating. 


Exclusive 5-10 minutes interview!

Meet the celeb chefs, TV Chefs, famous chefs, and top chefs all across the world at 4 & 5 and Michelin star restaurants. Learn about their rise to fame and how they got started. Never before content streams only with FoodieFans.TV!

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