Snap, chat, review!

Snap, chat, review!

Welcome to FoodieFans.

Find restaurants by category, post and share images and videos of plated food, read restaurant reviews from other foodie’s and chat with a foodie community.

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Enhance your dining experience

Foodiefans is an all-in-one app for foodies to share photos and videos of plated food. It’s designed for people who love to post, chat, and read reviews while dining out.

Build your community

Interact with a community of Foodies, post photos, write reviews and share experiences.

Create fun videos

Easily create fun, entertaining videos to share with friends or anyone on the mobile app.

Get Incentivized!

Users get incentivized with tiered reward points for every location tag, review and upload of a new photo and video. 

Foodiefans sets the bar for powering up your hospitality.

Restaurants and special venues can promote their ambiance, food, drinks, menus and staff by creating customized videos in their branded admin dashboards.

User reviews, both written and by video upload, helps bar and restaurant owners measure success criteria and receive constructive feedback to improving their operations.

User generated photos verses commercial photography.

Commercial photography
Commercial photography

The majority of platforms use commercialized photo images to show food and drinks on a menu.

User generated photos and videos
User generated photos and videos

Using Foodiefans, users can generate real-life photos and videos of their plated food and drinks. 

 Branded production from users
Branded production from users

Restaurants can use user generated photos and videos to promote their menus, ambience and staff.

What Foodies Ask Us

What is Foodiefans?

Foodiefans is an all-in-one app for foodies to share photos, videos, and live streams of food. It’s designed for people who love to cook and eat, and allows users to follow each other, chat, and discover new recipes.

Is there a Foodiefans web app?

Foodiefans is currently only available as a native mobile app which can be downloaded in both the Apple and Android stores.

Do I have to pay for Foodiefans?

Foodiefans is free to download and free to use. The only paid features are for advertisements and businesses. 

How is Foodiefans different from other social networks?

Foodiefans is segmented to the posting of food and drinks only. Other social networks have more fragmented content. We decided to create a central repository for foodies.

How can I sign up as a bar or restaurant?

Interested to join the fastest growing “food only” platform in the world? Sign up as a business owner on our “Business” page. We welcome all bars, restaurants and venues.

Snap, Chat, Review!

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